Too cool for school

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Bonjour lovely readers,
two days ago I went shopping for new school stuff. And in the picture above you can see my new school dairy. It's a moleskin and you can keep it for 18 months. It was quite expensive but I think it's worth it. It feels like some kind of leather so the outside is very soft. Every page is one week and next to that page you can make notes.

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3 for €4,- a bargain! I like the simplicity of it! HEMA

Again very cheap! HEMA

I got it for free at the HEMA when you spent more then €10,-

Some leftovers from last year.

Miss Blackbirdy booklabels.

And some new coloured thight fromthe H&M.

Now I'm off to this cute little B&B my aunt&uncle are running in Enkhuizen.



  1. Anonymous20/8/11 15:29

    awesome tights!

  2. Super leuke schoolspulletjes :D

    Liefs ' Armani

  3. Anonymous20/8/11 17:20

    ik heb dat donkerrode kaftpapier ook ! ;D

  4. wow! je labels zijn superstoer!

  5. Leuke spullen gekocht :)

    PS. Doe je al mee aan mijn winactie's? http://girlsmakefashion.blogspot.com/p/zomer-winmaand.html

  6. cute booklabels <3
    I love the colour of your new tights :)
    school is closer and closer, but I'm not thinking about it now, I completely forgot about school-shopping, about buying books... just to enjoy summer, until it lasts :)

  7. Super leuke spullen <'33

    Xx Tessa

  8. schoolspullen kopen vind ik altijd zo leuk!
    leuke spullen!

  9. ik denk dat ik dit jaar maar weer van digitale agenda over ga op schrijfagenda en ook maar een moleskin koop. die zijn toch wel errgggg mooi.


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