Owning my own island!

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Bonjour lovely readers,
yesterday I went to the Vinkeveense Plassen, it's a big lake with little island in it where you can have your own summer house. And some friends of us had a summerhouse there and we visited them! it was the cutest place I have ever seen! And just across the water there was another island of other friends and we were allowed to go there! On that island there stood a water slide, as you can see in the picture above, and a trampoline. So give 5 girls a boat and there own island and you get a party!

In the morning I went to Laren, but I didn't see any nice clothes.
The only thing I scored was the new number of the Supertrash magazine!
And that's a great mag! With fabulous pictures and lovely clothes in it and not only Supertrash clothes!

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You saw me sliding of the waterslide, swimming and floating on my new HEMA smoked sausage (rookworst). Hihi.
You also saw the landscape and my new Supertrash magazine!



  1. i see you enjoyed yourself ;)
    i love the pics - so energetic <3

  2. dat ziet er echt leuk uit! :D

  3. Super leuke foto's !

    Liefs' http://xxarmani.blogspot.com/

  4. klinkt leuk! en die glijbaan is echt te coool!:D

  5. wat een leuke foto's! en die rookworst haha, geweldig ding ;p

  6. Oeehh zoiets heb je ook in Utrecht, bij de Loosdrechtse plassen. Daar ga ik volgende week heen! :)

  7. ziet er super leuk uit
    ahhaa met je hema worst
    lekker nederlands:D

    New outfit post - Lets sheer it

  8. Anonymous21/8/11 22:22

    Mooie foto's!



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