The new skirt on the block.

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wedges Urban Outfitters 

Bonjour lovely readers,
today I went to a big market in Hoorn with two friends, it was a long and hot day. In a crowded city with too much people pushing there way to a bargain. So it wasn't the nice vintage market I expected, it was a bit like an ordinary market. Only with (cheap looking) clothes and (bad) paintings instead of food. But luckily the shops also joined in, they gave extra discount on almost everything! So I was very happy when I discovered this little red striped skirt in the Vila for only €4,00! I think it's a perfect summer musthave!

I also discovered in the Six another beautiful ring! It wasn't on sale 'cause it was the new collection but my friend had her CJP pass (a special culturale pass from school) with her and she lent it to me so I could use it and that got me €0,50 discount on it! In the end it costed me €4,45. A nice price for this fabulous ring!

Want a close-up of the fabulous ring I bought?
Some more pictures of the outfit?
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As you could see my new ring is a bug/beetle and I'm totally in love with it!
You also saw my partner in crime Becky, my dear cat!

Hope you like the pictures!



  1. Beautiful pictures!


  2. €4,00 ?! no, i am too amazed to believe :D!
    i wish i lived closer to you - we could go shopping together and hunt for bargains ;>
    i love the photos :)
    they are full of sun :)

  3. Mag ik ook bij de mooie bloggen staan met mijn blog: http://www.movieanne.blogspot.com/

  4. Wauw super outfit en ringen!

  5. Beautiful photos and perfect skirt! Great blog! :)


  6. Prachtige foto's ;o

    Liefs' http://xxarmani.blogspot.com/


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