Review: Nailpolish

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Bonjour lovely readers,
because I had a couple of compliments about the nailpolish I was wearing a few days ago I thought I would give it a review for you! As you can see in the picture above it's a minty blue. It's from Essence, the colour & go line. It's number 53 and called 'You belong to me'.

Some good points are:
Good price! Only €1,29 and some are for half the price because of the sale!
Nice colour, it's extraordinary!
It only takes one/two layers
It doesn't leave stains behind on your nails when you remove it.

Some less points are:
It doesn't last that long, only one/two days.
It starts to chip in two days or something like that.

But for that price it's a certain recommondation! It comes in a lot of different colours!
So for everybody their is a pick!

Tomorrow I'm going to 'Lappendag' with two friends! It's a kind of a secondhand market with a lot of different stuff, so I hope I'll be coming home with some nice clothes/shoes or maybe something else! Who knows?
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  1. Echt een super mooie kleur ;o
    Die kleur moet ik me dringend eens aanschaffe :)

    Liefs http://xxarmani.blogspot.com/

  2. i love this colour :)
    essence has great products and - as you said - prices are good ^^

  3. well mooi kleurtje, jammer dat het slecht blijft zitten.

  4. wat een super leuk kleurtje!

  5. ik heb 'm ook, ofja m'n zusje. Maar hij staat gewoon op mijn kamer en zij doet er niks mee. Dus hij is eigenlijk van mij (:
    echt een leuke kleur!

  6. super mooie kleur!


  7. die is inderdaad mooi! ik heb hem ook:)

  8. Anonymous16/8/11 10:09

    I love this colour. <33

    kisses ;*


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