Bonjour sweet readers,
tomorrow I'm going to France. My grandparents live in this tiny, tiny, place called Bois Gauches. Residents: 8. And 4 of those residents aren't even there 'cause their houses there are summerhouses. Then there is something else you should know. The friends of my grandparents a.k.a. the rest of the residents are over 80 years old. So this should be fun. They don't speak English or Dutch. I don't speak French that well. And they just keep on blabbing in such a fast French I just respond with: Je ne parle pas Fran├žais. I don't speak French. But you know what. They don't care! They just keep on balbbing and blabbing. The problem is that my little sister isn't coming this year 'cause she could go with a friend to Saint Tropez, with the plane! And I'm stuck in a car without a Dutch speaking person. Okay my parents. But they don't count.

Please, tips! How to manage this horrible trip of borningness?

Sadly the nearest village is fifteen minutes away by car! And I can't drive.
My grandparents and parents nap everyday there. I haven't got a clue why! There is nothing happening so they can't be exhausted of doing nothing. It's so dull even I fell asleep last vacation.
I'm not allowed on the computer 'cause their internet goes via the telephone, so when I'm doing stuff on the computer nobody can call. My plan this year is to go on the computer while everyone is asleep. So I promise I will post every day with some lovely picture, luckely the area is very nice and pretty and walkable.
Hope I won't get caught.

The forest is as nice as the picture below and the village is as opposite as the picture above.
Maybe I will make bag or dress 'cause that's the only thing there is I like, my grandmothers sewing room!

I'm listening to Lady Gaga her new cd Born this way and still reading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.
You should too!



  1. Ik kan dat probleem, mijn ouders hebben namelijk een huis in Frankrijk waar we elke vakantie naar toe gaan.
    Wij zitten in the middle of nowhere (schrijf je dat zo?).
    Meestal ga ik zonnen, muziek luisteren, wandelen, foto's maken, boeken lezen of gewoon computeren.

    Hopelijk ga je je toch nog een beetje vermaken!


  2. Ahh! I hope you have the best time ever!!!! Safe travels! I am so jealous! I wish I was headed there! Can't wait to see photos of ur trip! Be sure to do a travel post. ;)

    PS- we are following u now!

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  3. Have fun, hoop dat je het naar je zin hebt.
    Leuke blog,


  4. Wow, I looove the first picture!! Looks amazing!!:D

    Thanks for your nice comment:D Hope you're gonna stop by soon again:D


  5. Leuke blog, ik volg je wel hoor. ;)


  6. Oeeeh have fun :D! ik wil ook


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