Bonjour cupcake


Bonsoir lovely readers!
I made this picture in the Urban Outfitters, it was on sale but my mum wouldn't let me buy it. Ok, six euros for such a tiny picture is much. And she said I could probably make it myself! So, I will try. But not today. No, today I had school, again. From 8:30 till 16:00. And it was full of boringness. The most stupid thing that happened today was that they were selling tickets for the schoolparty at the end of the year but ofcourse you have to be sixteen and, you can guess, I'm not. All my friends are but sadly I'm not yet sixteen.

Want to know what I just bought this morning because I missed my bus? Hit the button below!

I found this cute webshop, Must Have Fasion, owned by Aimée. I bought these amazing cowboy wedges for only €35,- how amazing is that! I think they are beautiful! Also I bought a cute ring with tiny wings for just €4,95! I think you'll should have a sneak peek at her collection, she only has one or two items in storage so when it's sold it is gone, so you'd better be quick!

Which one do you like most?
At the moment I'm listening to Sky Ferreira her cd As If! and still reading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. You should too!



  1. Die schoenen zijn geweldige! En leuke ring inderdaad!!

    Enjoy my Give-Away! Ga naar: www.veer-blog.blogspot.com/2011/05/kenzaa.html

  2. leuke schoenen! En ik volg je terug hoor xx


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