Sunny side up

Bonjour lovely readers,
it's too hot today in Holland. My first four hours were skipped because of sick teachers. So I started school at 12.15 and finished at 14.20 so my day wasn't that long, how was your day? Well, what did we do in just two hours school. First I had English, boring, very boring. We didn't really do anything except for talking and not doing the homework. Then I had break, me and my friends went to the schoolyard and worked on our tan. Then I had a hour of the most nothingness you can possibly have! We had something called mentorhour (I don't know the english translation, sorry!) and we had to work on a useless assignment about European citizenship.

I was bored this friday so I got in a creative mood. I've got two panels on my wall with a delft blue design on it. But I'm looking at those panels for about five years now. So I thought it was time for a change! Please tell me what you think and which picture you like most.



At the moment I'm listening to Agnes Obel her cd Philharmonics and reading Jane Austen her novel Northanger Abbey. You should too!


ps. With 50 followers I'll do a give-away!


  1. Ik zal je er bij zetten!

  2. Anonymous31/5/11 09:42

    Leuk design heb je gemaakt op je muur!

  3. Anonymous31/5/11 18:38

    Leuk gemaakt dat op je muur. x


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