I'm so, so sorry. How could I forget. I was so busy having vacation, I already told you I went to Schotland but just 6 days later I was in the plain to Spain. And from then on the only thing I could think about was school. But I'll make a promise to you guys. I'll (try to) post everyday. Or at least with just one day in between two posts.
Yesterday I went to Antwerpen in Belgium. My dad had a meeting because of his work and my mum thought it a good idea to go shopping so I went along with my little sister. I just love Antwerpen, they have stores we don't have so it makes it a bit more special, I like to think. Want to know what I did and what I bought hit the button below!

My mum woke me up at 6 in the morning, I do not have a very happy face in the morning I can tell you, but ofcourse she dragged me out of bed. At 7 we hit the road. It is al long drive from the top of North-Holland al down to Antwerpen but we managed to do it quickly. We had breakfast at the McDonalds, very healthy... I had al EggMcMuffin or whatever it was called. After a 2,5 hour drive we were in the centre of Antwerpen. My dad went to his meeting and we set off to do some serious shopping. But before we could spend some money, we got lost.
My mum was blabbing around about that where the old buildings where that must be were the shopping area is. It was not. But in the end we found it. I bought a lovely skirt and t-shirt at the Pull&Bear, I'm wearing it at the picture above, also I bought the most amazing wedges at the Urban Outfitters, something we sadly don't have in Holland.

Aren't they lovely, the heel is a darker blue with an apple design on it and the top and bands are a lighter blue with, also, an apple design. I just love them and they just fit me, and my personality, perfectly! The Urban Outfitters is decorated in the most urban style I have ever seen, it is just awesome, you all should have a look in at the Urban Outfitters.
At the H&M I bought this amazing ring, it is so chunky and big and blue greenish. My nailpolish is also from the H&M, it is a popping blue colour. It's a real eyecatcher, especially in combination with the ring!
This afternoon I also bought a lovely ring with wings, it's gold and very cute. I hope it will come in soon 'cause I bought it online.
O, and I bought a bra at the H&M, it is the on on the front of the Cosmopolitain worn by Nikki Plessen, dutch information. At the New Look I bought two lovely headscarfes, buy 1 get 1 free! 

But now, I'm a but curious, what is the style you are digging at the moment? Let me know!
Wanna have some fun, download the new cd of Lady Gaga, it is amazing! 



  1. Super top!
    De ring is ook echt super.

  2. Thx for the comment , I like yuor're blog , follow u!

  3. Heey ik vond je blog op girlscene!
    Leuke blog heb je!!
    En chunky ringen zijn zo gewelsig (: ik heb er eentje in zalmkleur...

    Ik volg je (:


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