Shopping 2

Hi lovely readers,

how was your queensday? I was selling my stuff in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. It was such a busy and hot day, but it was worth it! I earned €125,- euros! Sadly all the lovely shoes I saw weren't my shoe seize so I didn;t buy anything yesterday, except for some cupcakes.. But as I promised earlier, I would post my newly bought clothes! So sit back and relax. Tell me what you think of it.

This cute vintage-looking bag I bought at the New Yorker. I instantly fell in love with it. I love everything with a bright colour and vintage looking so this was like finding my mister perfect, but then bagshaped. It also has a longer handle but I didn't like that so I stuffed that inside the bag. I even took it with me to school, sadly my books didn't fit into it, so I had to carry all my books, all day long. Everybody laughed at me but I was to much in love with my mister 'bag' perfect to notice. Price: €22,50

This is a leather looking skirt that looks very chique.
It is just above knee-lenght and has a nice detail at the top. I wear it as a high waist skirt. I bought it at the New Yorker.
Price: €14,95

When walking my fishbone shoes it feels like walking on clouds. The footbed is so soft and comfertable I want to walk on it every day. Maybe even sleep in it..
They also had other colours, like violet and orange. I also bought them at the New Yorker.
Price: €9,95

These are a pair of basic jeans. They are just above knee-lenght. And they fit me perfectly. i bought them at the H&M. Price: forgot..


I love my red shorts, they are bright and striking. They suit me well and I will wear them often! I bought them at the H&M. Price: forgot..


This cute looking white dress is of a denim kind of fabric and fits thightly to your body. Bit of a bodycon. But it looks very nice on you. I bought it because I needed a white dress for a white party i have this holiday. I also bought it at the H&M. Price: forgot..

Yes, I'm leaving you. My plain is set out to Spain. I will be gone for six days. I will be lying on the beach, shopping and swimming away this holiday. Hope the water isn't to cold. I'll miss you all. ofcourse I will bring back  some nice pictures and clothes.

Hasta la vista babies!


  1. Anonymous1/5/11 12:28

    wat een suppeerleuk spul zeg!

  2. love the red shorts & yellow bag!!! for REALS! gorgeous. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  3. leuke spullen! die gele tas en die gele schoenen vind ik geweldig! echt een zomerkleur!

    ps: giveaway op onze blog

  4. I love the yellow back, ancient but in a modern way ... also like the brown skirt in the back.



  5. Wow die tas is echt géwéldig!
    Zal ook zo'n exemplaar bij Aftr Drk maar die had hem echt in neon.
    Vind het wel leuke aankopen zeg!

    Liefs ♥

  6. Leuke tas! (Ik heb hem ook. ;))
    Waarschijnlijk ben je allang weer vergeten dat je het had gevraagd, maar ik was bij kunstbende omdat ik kaartjes had gewonnen. :)

  7. Looks cool!! :D Got the same bag in blue:D Love it!! :D

    Stop by some time:D


  8. Thanks voor je comment!
    Ik weet het de wegdes zijn echt heeeel mooi ♥

  9. die tas is echt leuk!

  10. ookal is het jurkje gewoon wit, ik vind het echt prachtig (:


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