I went to France and took some pictures...

Bonjour adorable readers!
As you can read in my titel 'I went to France, and there I took some pictures!'
And I love to share them with you! So want to see how it looks up there in Bois Gauchas? Sit back and let the magic do it's work. Btw, Champ Derrière is French for buttocks field! it's a little place near my grandparents with only 5  houses. I would love to live in buttocks field, wouldn't you?
Click the button below to look at the pictures!

The house of my grandparents during winter. I'm sorry I forgot to make a new pictures, so instead of sun, you see snow.

The cows are greeting you, their fence is right on my grandparents their grounds so we see them a lot. I think they are cute.
Hello to you!

Close-up of my favourite cow!

The fire place, outdoors. In France you are allowed to set fire to your wood and other garbage, during fire-season! But sadly the wind wasn't blowing in the right direction. So we didn't burn anything.


I hpe you like them as much as I do. By the way my cowboy wedges and wing-ring arrived today! I'm so happy! I just love them! Tomorrow I will post about them.

At the moment I just finished The lost duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn and I'm listening to Gabriel Rios his cd Angelhead, you should too!



  1. Nice pictures ! What camera do you use ?

  2. oké, is goed, lijkt me leuk :). Zijn je opa en oma trouwens frans, of wonen ze er alleen maar ?

  3. Anonymous10/6/11 19:55

    Leeuk die foto's. Je blog is echt geweldig.


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