Hi lovely readers!
Yesterday I went to Zaandam to shop! And boy, did I shop! I found the loveliest bag ever! I even took ik to school today even though my books won't fit into it and I had to carry my books in my hand al day long! But I did'n't  mind that 'cause I had the best bag of the whole school!
I also did shop in Scotland, Edinburgh! So you will see some pictures of those clothes too!

What could it be? I give you a hint, it's a close-up of a new item I bought in a secondhand shop.
These are the clothes I bought in Zaandam! To have a closer look, and to see the wonderful Edinburgh clothes, you just have to hit the click me button!

This is the new dress I bought in a secondhand shop in Edinburgh, it's got a print of little kittycats with bow ties! It is so cute, it's got a fifties look and I can't stop dancing in it! At the waist it has a little belt to accentuate the waistline. I bought this dress for 30 pounds. When I got home from Scotland the first thing I showed was this dress. My mother loved it, my little sister thought my shoes were of greater interest. I will show those next!


These lovely shoes I bought at the New Look. When I got there I was flabbergasted. The whole floor was filled with shoes.Most of it high heels!
I love high heels! I walked there for like 20 minutes touching every shoes, deciding which one I should take! I thought to myself I can't leave here without shoes! When finally... I dropped my purse and had to bent down I saw my pair of perfect heels. Sadly they didn't have them in my seize. So I left the shoe floor and went on to the clothes, but guess what. I found them their in the back. More than 20 pairs! And my shoe seize!
Lucky me. Price: 25 pounds.

This bag I bought at the body shop. It was on sale for only 3,50 pounds. The front is, ofcourse, the union jack, Englands flag. i thought this a bit strange 'cause I was in Scotland and the Scots don't like the English that much. But that's why I had to turn the bag around...

The back of the bag is the date of the wedding of Kate and William. Scotland (to be) king and queen! Also Englands king and queen. My mom adores the royal family so I also bought a tea towel for her with pictures of the royal couple on it! It's so silly and hideous. But nevertheless she loves it! And tomorrow is the big wedding day! My mom will be seated in front of the tv all day long. Starting from 8:30 in the morning.

Other clothes will be online soon! Got to catch ANTM first! ;)

Love ,


  1. Heehee,

    Ik ben even iedereen die heeft gerageerd op mijn vorige outfit een commentje terug aan het sturen.
    Vind ik wel zo aardig haha, het kan zijn dat je al eerder heb bedankt maar dat ben ik dan even vergeten!
    En die laatste tas is echt zooo leuk hihi! En dat gele tasje ook trouwens! Leuke aankopen!
    Oh en ik ga je volgen!

    Liefs ♥

  2. wauw super leuke aankopen!
    Echt liefde voor jouw tas en jurkje! <3

  3. Leuke aankopen allemaal, vooral de jurkjes!

  4. Ben benieuwd naar de tas!
    Erg leuke print iig.

  5. Wauw superschoenen en die tas, is die niet van de New Yorker? super allemaal zeg!


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