Painted eggs.

Hi lovely readers!
Today I painted my easter eggs! I know it's a day late, but in Holland we've got second easter day. It doesn't mean something special it's just another day off, the more the better I say! But back to my eggs.
I thought I could draw and paint but waterpaint is horrible! It's so hard! So as a result, my eggs failed. Miserably.

But as nice as I am, I will show my ugly eggs.

As you can see I even made a little eggbed for my eight eggfriends.
Which one do you think is the nicest? Or are they all ugly?
Hit the click me button for more, and upclose, pictures of my eggs.

 From left to right, upper line first then the lower line. First egg: I meant to paint clothes on some of my eggs but as I said before I failed in painting my eggs nicely. The first egg is a picture of a green shirt with a blue bag. Second egg: Blue. I just kept it simple when I gave up. Third egg: Again simple. Purple. Fourth egg: A red cross. I just did something. Didn't have any inspiration. Fifth egg: Colour blocking! Orange jeans with a green shirt. Sixth egg: Pink with a black smiley. Seventh egg: A denim blouse with a purple dress and a brown belt. Failed. Last egg: Spots. In different colours.

A close-up of the spotted egg. And ofcourse the others.

 My little basket. I bought a 20-pack of eggs at the Albert Heijn and they had a special offer. You got the 20 eggs with stickers and a little selfmake basket. I used the stickers for decorating the basket instead of the eggs.
I think the basket turned out nicer then my eggs.

A close-up of the lovely stickers I got with the eggs. I think the are so adorable! Especially the little chick with her eggs!

I also did put some stickers on the handle of the basket. I love the blue sheep with the flowers in its mouth!
You can see how cute my eggs look in the little basket even though they are painted ugly.



  1. Super schattig hihi!
    Liefs ♥

  2. Anonymous25/4/11 21:25

    Waauw echt super mooi blog ! Ik volg je. & echt schattig hah.xx

  3. Superleuk!
    Ik heb ze met viltstift gedaan;)


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