The busy life

Bonjour lovely readers,
we can all complain about our lifes. Too much homework, having a part time job and getting up early in the mornings. Why is it that we are so good in complaining and find it so hard to just laugh and continue? Why do we dwell on that bad mark for mathematics, a 3.9. Why be sad about our favourite t-shirt that broke, my cat made a hole in it. The best thing about complaining is that it can always get better. I'll just retake my mathematics test and get a better grade and I can go shopping again in search of a new favourite t-shirt.

Because I always complain too much I wanted to collect my new favourites things. Just looking at them makes me smile and wearing them is even better, it feels as if I can light up the room.

Of course you have favourites as well, please tell me what they are and why they make YOU smile! Quickly hit the button below to see my new favourites, and to hear about the GIVE AWAY!

These lovely 'eatable' accessories I got from my sister. She had them lying in her closet for a while and didn't wear them anymore, she knew I loved them and gave them to me. She got them on a french webshop, a girl from Paris who makes them herself. She has all kinds of accessories, from a macaron ring to a chocolate bar necklace. I got this lovely bread necklace and these two fabulous rings, a donut and a slice of bread with strawberries. They are adorable!

These accessories I got from a friend for my birthday, an elephant necklace and a teacup ring. She got them from a little market in Amsterdam, I love them!

Don't they look amazing, my new heels! The purple ones are from the Primark and the green ones are from the H&M. I got them both during sale, the purple ones only costed me €8,10 and the green ones €9,95. Well that's a price we like! The Primark heels are very high, 13 centimeters high! Even though they are so high, they walk okay, I expected worse!

I'm totally in love with my new bucket bag, I got it from the Six during sale for only €3,- I love the way it looks, a bit foreign with all those lovely beads on it. The box bag is from the Primark. Again €3,- and very extraordinary!

Which one is your favourite? 

I'm sorry to say that I cancel the give away, because I was gone for a while. I will redo it soon and those who entered will be first on list with an extra entry because of the waiting!



  1. oeee superleuk die kettingen!

  2. wauw, die broodje-ketting is echt prachtig!
    dankjewel voor je reactie, aha, dus dan moet ik nog eventjes doorsmeren, haha (:

  3. Haha, je hebt helemaal gelijk in dat eerste stukje... :) En wat een geweldige aankopen! Vooral de sieraden, de paarse schoenen en het tasje van de Six! :)

  4. Hihi mee eens, heel leuk allemaal, dat tasje van de primark vind ik leuk!

  5. Elephants are my favourit animal in the world, so I think your necklace is awesome. :3
    Thank you.

  6. ow my goshie those necklaces are soooo cute <3

  7. Hallo,
    Ik vroeg me af, weet je misschien ook welke franse webshop het is ?


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