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Bonjour lovely readers!
Today I'm name the winner of my fabulous give away! The winning number is 78. The person behind number 78 is...

Congratulations Lisanne, you won the welnesspack with the little surprise! If you mail your adres to me the pack will be on it's way to you!


And this morning I had a lovely message saying I had won a blog award!
Thank you so much MUFFIN MONSTERS for giving me this award! ♥

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I love sport cars and everything English! Example: fast car and bowler hat plus Union Jack button.

I've got this Skullcandy headphones, they look like I'm listingen to dead metal or some hard rock. But I only listen to sing a song writer music. For example: Jason Mraz, Ellie Goulding, Flight of the Conchords, Scouting for girls and Lady Gaga. I hate metal/rock music. But I got some gothic headphones because they fit very well!

I love reading books. I, almost, only read my books in English. When I buy a new book I always buy a book from a serie and order the other books from the same series. My biggest serie is 10 books thick. And the eleventh book is just out!

I'm a big Spongebob Squarepants fan! I love the childish jokes.

During school I wear these big glasses, without them I can't see the chalkboard. These glasses were my fathers but he got others and I got these. I love them! The make me look like a real geeky person.
I go to Great Britian every school year. This year the schooltrip was to Scotland, Edinburgh. I climbed Arthur Seed, the mountain in Edinburgh. With my friend Jolijn, who is visiting today!

I love eating out when I get to dress up real fancy. The food isn't bad either!

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  1. Anonymous1/9/11 13:03

    aaaah i just love spongebob :)

  2. gefeliciteerd lisanne!
    & lovely pictures!
    liefs, mybeautyforever

  3. Heel mooi zeg!!

    Eline's Photography


  4. Dankje je voor het taggen :)
    Ik zet deze award er volgende week of de week erna op :D

    Liefs' ARMANI XX

  5. wat leuk zeg, dat je mij hebt getagd! :D
    Dit is ook leuk om te lezen!

  6. Wauw heel erg bedankt! Wanneer ik een volgend bericht op mijn blog zet zal ik er een linkje naar jouw blog in zetten. Nogmaals bedankt.

    Leuk bril heb je trouwens!

  7. Haha, daar ben ik ook geweest, op die berg in Edinburgh! Ik vond het een hele mooie stad! En dankjewel voor het taggen! Helaas heb ik deze tag al twee keer gedaan, dus ik skip 'm nu even!

  8. love your blog. following now! :)

  9. bedankt voor je leuke comment! Natuurlijk kijk ik ook even op jouw blog! Wij volgen je :) volg je ons terug?


  10. Ahh dankje! :D
    Heb je leuk gedaan, met die foto's! :)

  11. 1. i love nerdy glasses.
    2. i love eating fancy foods... actually, all kinds of food. :)
    3. i love reading books... & your rad bookcase!

    thanks for visiting!
    would love to have you as a follower, hoping to hear from you again soon...


  12. Love those glasses, great choice!!
    Nice post :)

    xx from London

  13. Anonymous2/9/11 15:55

    Yeah. Heb gemaild trouwens, hihi. «3

  14. Superleuk dat je me een award hebt gegeven! :)


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