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Bonjour lovely readers!
Sorry for not posting! I just couldn't find the time for it, or inspiration. But I'm back! With happy news! I've been featured on the Fancy website! It's a Dutch magazine, sadly it's stopping in November. Today I got myself the new Elle and it gave me some inspiration! I love reading magazines, and books, so why not post my favourite magazines?

The first one you see is the L'OFFICIEL, second the ELLE and third the AVANT GARDE. All three are fashion magazines and I think most of you know the Elle because it's featured in many different languages all over the world. One day I was very bored while waiting for my bus home I went to the AKO, a book/magazine shop, and looked for something readable. I saw the L'Officiel and bought it and was hooked! A couple of days later my grandparents asked me what I wanted for Sinterklaas, I said a subscription on the L'Officiel. And they gave it! It's similar to the Elle but I like the L'Officiel more because it's a bit more daring in fashion. The last one is Avant Garde. I discovered it while being on holiday in Spain. My mom had bought it not knowing it was a fashion magazine, so she gave it to me. And I loved it! The best thing about the Avant Garde is the pictures, a lot of pictures! I also like the columns in it.

So, need a new dose of fashion medication?
Hit the shops for these amazing fashion magazines!

Stay tuned, because tomorrow I will post a new GIVE AWAY!



  1. ik heb een abo op de elle, en deze l'officiel heb ik toevallig ook gekocht. Had er nog nooit van gehoord, maar zag het op een andere blog staan... Geweldige tijdschriften!

  2. Anonymous16/9/11 14:28

    Fancy rocks (:

  3. ad van l'officiel nog nooit gehoord, maar ga hem ook zeker een keer kopen! Liefs

  4. i love the elle!

    superleuk dat je morgen weer een give-away doet!

  5. ELLE <3

    Follow me if you're not already, if you think this is annoying, ignore this. When you follow me, I'll follow you back.

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

  6. Anonymous17/9/11 00:32

    <3 love the ELLE :)

  7. Ik hou van ze alle drie <3
    Maar Elle is toch wel die leukste(:

  8. Leuke post!
    Mijn favoriet is de ELLE :)

  9. WHAT waarom stopt Fancy?? :O Fancy is geweldig <33


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