Elle vs. Grazia

Grazia PC catwalk

Bonjour lovely readers,
Wow, this weekend was busy! On saterday I went to Amsterdam, to stay with my sister, Roos, who lives there. She had to work till 3 o'clock so me and my sister, Isabelle, had some time to shop. We hit the Kalverstraat en I bought some really nice things which I will show you tomorrow. After shopping me and Isabelle went to the Bijenkorf. The Elle, a dutch fashion magazine, was launching her new A/W style book in the Bijenkorf. They also had a give away! On the cieling of the Bijenkorf they had hung big styrofoam pumps. If you catched a pump you could win a check worth of 100 till 400 euros of shoppingmoney in the Bijenkorf. You could also win Fendi bags or other lovely prices. The rules were simple. Catch a pump, don't break it and you win. They had 2 rounds, the first 5 pumps in round one were caught by men, because they are, ofcourse, longer then women. So the hostess send them away because it was a fashion magazine for women! Still I didn't catch a pump. In round two I had a better spot. Luckily there were no men anymore. Only women. After a few pumps I catched I pump! But someone snatched it out of my hands and run off with my price! There was one woman who was just hitting other girls so she could win the price! So I had been there one hour and a half and I went home with empty hands and with a big scratch on my arm and blue toes. It was a big chaos and it looked more like a bitchfight the a fashionable event. I think the Elle didn't think this event through enough. It failed. After the Elle event me and Isabelle met with Roos and a friend of her in a little cafe. We had some drinks and went to Roos her home.

The next day we went to the Grazia, also a dutch fashion magazine, PC catwalk. Because Roos works at CODE magazine she was press and we got a good spot in front of the catwalk. Stacy Rookhuizen presented the Grazia PC catwalk and a band was preforming but I forgot there name, if you know it please tell me. I made so many pictures! So prepare for a long post full of pictures! The people on the white catwalk are the models. ;-)

Hit the button below and be amazed.

Left: me, middle: Roos, right Isabelle.

Wow, have you seen all the pictures! Like them?
Well I had a blast taking them.

I think the Grazia event was better then the Elle event. Have you been to one of them, or both?
Let me know!



  1. Anonymous5/9/11 11:59

    wat een mooie fotootjes,

    vooral die prijzenkast ziet er heerlijk uit :)


  2. Anonymous5/9/11 12:11

    leuke foto's!Tof dat je aanwezig kon zijn!

  3. Wat stom dat die vrouw hem uit je hand had geslagen! Weet je wat je anders voor prijs had gehad?
    Mooie foto's! (misschien was het beter geweest als je wat minder had gepost, dan ging de aandacht uit naar de aller mooisten. :)

  4. So many good outfits! I love dutch style. x


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