Summer satisfaction

Bonjour mon petits chéris,
How is your holiday going? Are you having fun, have you been sunbathing and visiting the beach already, or maybe you're on a trip? Well, I was, and I came back yesterday night, after visiting the McDrive 'cause we were so hunger. I went to Greece, Crete. I had a marvelous time! We spent 2 weeks lying on the beach and swimming in the sea, and ofcourse the occasional shoppingtime.
I bought some amazing heels, Prada look-a-likes, and a lovely pair of flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs look-a-likes. So if you are curious, just hit the button below and behold my new shoes!

Ofcourse I will also hold a give away 'cause I've got more then 50 followers, but this is the problem, I do not know what to give away?! So do you have any suggestions what you would like to win in my give away? Let me know and maybe I'll pick your idea!

This is the look-a-like version, I bought in a shop called Fullah Sugah, I know worst name ever but these shoes are fantastic and cost only €44,95 and even better they also had another 40% off. Couldn't be better!

This is the real version from Prada, this one is in black but it's available in more colours. They are not exactly the same but I do believe that Fullah Sugah designed the heels with this one in mind, what do you think?

These are my lovely flats, they're little mice! Also Fullah Sugah shoes, also €44,95 and also 40% off!
Don't they look lovely?

And these are the real marc Jacobs flats, I almost bought them a couple of weekends ago in Antwerp but they only had size 36, and I'm a 39.  Ofcourse they were a little more axpensive, around €250 I thought. But I'm not sure. They come in various colours and designs.

Do you have any, good, look-a-likes at home?

At the moment I''m listining to Adele her cd 21 and reading 'Me and Mr Darcy' by Alexandra Potter, you should too!



  1. Mmm' voor een give away vind ik altijd nagellak of een leuke ketting super :)

    Liefs ' xx

  2. Anonymous7/8/11 09:44

    Nagellakjes, zeepjes, juweeljes zijn altijd leuke items voor een give away. Of gewoon iets dat je zeer speciaal vind en graag zou weggeven..

  3. Bij Cafe Moda hebben ze ook lookalikes van die schoenen van Prada!

  4. hele leuke aankoopjes! ik heb pas geleden marc jacobs mouse flats besteld, ben benieuwd als ze binnen komen :D

  5. Leuk wat je hebt gekocht & klinkt gezellig.
    En ja de top was van de Primark haha :)

  6. I really like your blog, so I become a nwe follower, would you like follow me back?

    Kiss Mich


  7. ik vind kettinkjes/ringen/armbanden/beatyproducten altijd wel leuk voor een give-away!
    ja, ik volg je, alleen ik kan je nog niet vinden tussen mijn volgers.......

  8. Die ballerina's ! How cute


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