Cheap Monday AW 2011

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Cheap Monday Stockholm fashion show AW 2011

Bonjour lovely readers,
Don't you just love these coloured jeans? Well, I do! And Cheap Monday does as well. Have you ever heard of Cheap Monday? It's a young Scandinavian jeans brand, hitting the stores in 2004. And since then it started to make more then just jeans. Cheap Monday makes shirts, jackets, underwear and even shoes. 

I think Cheap Monday has the best jeans, for a low-price. It's affordable AND fashionable. They design extraordinary jeans in every thinkable colour, size and fabric. A year ago I came across Cheap Monday. My big sister, Roos, invited me to a sample sale, a Cheap Monday sample sale. And so it started. I bought a pair of amazing, and well fitting, jeans for only €25,-. I was hooked from the beginning. Sadly there aren't that many stores selling Cheap Monday in Holland but they are upcoming!

Want to see my fabulous jeans?
Want more pictures of the AW 2011 collection?
And my new favourite wedges?

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You saw some pictures of the Cheap Monday fashionshow AW 2011.
You also saw my Cheap Monday jeans, sorry for the bad photos!
And you saw my new favourite wedges, they're also from Cheap Monday, I need them! Don't you just love them?

Have a fabulous day!



  1. Cheap monday heeft echt geweldige items! Vooral de jeans vind ik altijd mooi. :)
    Die van jou is ook super! Een cheap monday sample sale? Waar was dat? Daar moet ik heen! haaha.

  2. oooh lovelyyy! liefsssxxxx

  3. dankje voor je reactie!

  4. er zitten leuke kledingstukken tussen!
    ik had wel eens van cheap monday gehoord, maar ik kende de kleding eigenlijk niet.

  5. Wow this looks like an amazing brand! The colored jeans is indeed amazing and I love the red dress and shoes as well!

  6. I looove these jeans!! They're fabulous!!:D


    Mia's Little Corner


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