Sunny Days

Hi lovely readers!
Today it's a beautiful day in Holland. I guess it's over 20 degrees. And to make this day even better, it's easterday today! But sadly my parents won't boil my eggs, and if I would do that I would boil them to death so it's better to wait 'cause tomorrow they will boil my eggs! I have got 20 of them, haha.
So the egg pictures you will see tomorrow.
Today I'm going to the beach. So I'll make some lovely pictures for you there! Those pictures will be posted later in the evening!

As promised, some sunny pictures.

The beach isn't as crowded as usual.
But there are still some daredevils who love the sun, even when it's a bit windy.
Count me in. (:

Never give up on things that make you smile.
Just do it and give it your best shot!

The dunes with a bright blue sky. And also some crying kids. The guy you see in the leftcorner was on the beach in his jeans all day!
So crazy! Why would one be sitting in jeans and a t-shirt all day when it is such nice weather! I just couldn't get it. He also almost crashed my easter egg I made out of sand.
See the post above!

I tried to capture the sun but I did fail a little. The glowing thingy in the middle is supposed to be the sun.
Why do we love the sun so much, is a question that spins round in my head often. I think it's because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The sun is bright and nice, it keeps you warm where ever, when ever. I guess everybody must love the sun for giving warmth and love.

How was your day?


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  1. Anonymous24/4/11 16:10

    wat een schattige foto'
    hele leuke blog,



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